Free Services for Seniors

We want to help older community members make the most of life through the pandemic. With the necessity of social distancing, technology has become unavoidable, but not more easy to use.

We are here to help!

If you have any issues with technology, from setting up a zoom call to figuring out how to install a new program, we can help! Just respond to the form below with your issue and we will get in contact and help you figure the problem out at no charge.

For help securing yourself and your family against cyber crimes, take a look at the online workshop Cyber Generations! There are a bunch of lessons that can help you with things from password management to identifying scams and fraud.

We will help you with any computer repair for free! The only thing we will ever charge you for is if we need to buy a part.

Buying a new computer can be tough. Just contact us and mention that you are a senior and we will find you the best deal on a computer for no charge! We